In Sri Lanka: As a Child in the Nineties


When I was much younger, my family moved to Colombo in Sri Lanka for my father’s work. At that age, my sister and I did not necessarily comprehend the significance of this sudden change in our environment, but we did end up having a hell of a lot of adventures.

From having a resident green snake in our courtyard that would peek out of its tree to say hello in the mornings, to the hoppers maker’s bell in the afternoons to signal his passing through our street, Sri Lanka was a pretty magical time in our lives.

The memories abound: exploring waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya, climbing the Sigiriya rock with my grandparents, watching as Korean travellers ate raw squid on the beaches of Trincomalee, becoming friends with a mongoose in Yala.

I recently returned to Sri Lanka, and found that it is as beautiful as I remember it to be. Its growing popularity as a coveted travel destination is deserved, and I hope it continues to retain that laidback, rugged disposition in the midst of rapid change.

Unfortunately, my family has never been known for its photography, and we have somehow managed to lose or misplace the majority of our pictures from that time. Nevertheless, here is a sampling of some photos, hopefully providing a little peek into what it was like to grow up on the stunning island of Sri Lanka in the nineties.


5 responses to “In Sri Lanka: As a Child in the Nineties

    • It certainly is a beautiful country. What did you enjoy most?

      I was living in Colombo, and then moved back to Singapore after that. That’s where I am from originally. 🙂

      • Oooh I’m going to Singapore in January! I really loved the sigiriya rock fortress and the town of Galle, it was full of Dutch colors. Really miss that place. :’)

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